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Don't look at the feedback percentage, Take a look at the actual items the feedback was acquired for!

See other guides but also look at WHEN the positive feedback was acquired!

Often an Identity is stolen that hasn't been used for ages and then 5 or 6 items are auctioned by them at once. They may also acquire recent feedback with 99p items etc.

Remember that if it looks TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, it probably is!  Alarm Bells SHOULD ring.

High value items are very popular.

Watch for phrases like,
I'm now living in Spain.
Delivery will be arranged once the cheque is received.
My PayPal isn't working at the moment.
Please send payment to my wife's, friends, partners, etc. Paypal.

If you have any doubts, try to ask a question about the postcode where and when the item can be viewed. Or ask for some more photos.  Most likely you will not get a response.
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