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CPR Face Shield Key Ring Pouches are a great way of promoting your business relatively cheaply by giving YOUR customers something useful that they will keep with your details on, for a long time.

They can be bought on ebay either as plain pouches or with your own customised printing - the best way to market your own business, but cost a little more obviously.

There are mainly two types of pouch available - one to hold a face shield and one to hold a face shield with a pair of gloves - a slightly larger pouch, but still works well on a normal bunch of keys!

Checklist for buying these pouches on ebay or anywhere else:

  • make sure the supplier can give you recent references from happy customers - they should be able to supply a name and a contact number if they have nothing to hide!
  • always determine the lead time for your order to be dispatched and with you - this should be typically no more than 8 weeks from start to finish - always get this confirmed in writing
  • make sure the supplier can give you at least an electronic proof - if they can't then don't buy from them - you should be able to see what your pouches will look like, and you should be given the opportunity to make any changes
  • make sure that the pouches come complete - ie with the contents packed inside.  Some suppliers will just sling the face shields and gloves in a box with the pouches for you to pack which is not ideal - if they are a good supplier they will  provide this service in the price.  Trustr me it's a big job packing them if you have to do it yourself
  • make sure you know the quality of the facxe shield is good - a good supplier will only use a quality face shield
  • if the face shield itself has CPR guidelines printed on it - confirm with the supplier that they are the most up to date CPR procedures.  Some suppliers may have old guidelines or in fact no CPR guidelines printed on them
  • always ask for a sample of their work and check that logos etc are of a high enough quality
  • quantity - most good suppliers will offer a minimum print run of 500 for custom printed pouches but they work out very reasonable and are worth the investment
  • always ask for the best price
  • if you are a charity you may be able to get an order without the VAT if you can provide a copy of your VAT exemption certificate

I hope this is useful and helps with ordering this product.  My best piece of advice is to ask for a reference or samples of recent work, and determine the length of time the order will take to arrive.  Cowboys cannot deliver in 8 weeks.

Best wishes



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