FMS and PPJoy setup for Walkera 4-channel transmitters

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This Guide is intended to help you get Flying Model Simulator (FMS) working with Walkera 4-channel transmitters using a serial interface cable.

Download and install the latest beta version of FMS following the onscreen instructions.  Off-eBay links are not allowed in these guides so just do a search for FMS and PPJoy.

Install PPjoy by double clicking on then from the resulting window double click setup.exe

Keep all defaults and click OK to install unsigned drivers if prompted.  In Windows XP or 2000 you might have to be signed in as administrator and you may also have to set your system to allow the installation of unsigned drivers.  If so right click on My Computer and select properties, fig1.


A window will open as in fig.2, select the hardware tab.


Click on Driver Signing, then from the following screen choose either 'warn' or 'ignore' but I would suggest choosing 'warn', fig.3.  Click on OK.


When you install PPJoy the following window should automatically open, see fig.4.  If you have already installed PPJoy and have closed this window you can get to the following dialogues through the program menu.


Plug in the transmitter and turn it on, windows should install some drivers
for you if not already installed.

Next click on configure joysticks from the window you have open. This will
open a new window, shown in fig.5.


Click add, this opens a new window, see fig.6.  Select virtual joysticks or virtual port depending on your system and select Controller 1, then click Add.


Now go back to the original window in fig.4 and click PPJoyCOM, or access through the program menu.  This opens a window like fig.7. Keep most of the defaults but in the serial protocol box select 'Zen Hua 5 byte protocol'. You can test it's working by checking Beep on serial input (debug). You will hear very fast beeps if it's OK.


You must leave this window running minimised in the background for it to work. You only have to do the earlier steps once but you must always have PPJoyCOM running when you are using FMS.

Next open FMS and select controls then analog control from the top menu, select joystick interface and then click on mapping and calibration, fig.8.


For helicopters it's only the four bottom boxes you need to worry about.  For Mode 2 you should set them as shown in the following screenshot, fig.9.  The four bottom boxes are Tail 4, Nick 2, Roll 3 and Pitch 1.  Also make sure to check the Tail, Roll and Pitch 'inv' boxes.  Next click on calibrate and follow the instructions


 For Mode 1 transmitters you should only need to swap the values in Nick and Pitch.

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