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Hi I am a huge football fan I buy football shirts signed football programmes really anything that is about football and is signed I buy! HOWEVER...
There are people on ebay who are fraudsters they reprint the signature on a football shirt programme etc. It is extremely difficult to
 find out who are the scammers and who are the sellers selling authentic signatures on shirts...
DO NOT JUDGE PEOPLE ON THEIR FEEDBACK WHEN YOU WANT TO FIND OUT WHO ARE SELLING THE AUTHENTIC FOOTBALL SIGNATURES AND WHO ARE THE FRAUDSTERS! Furthermore this is because people do not know who is scamming them and who is not and when the item comes quickly they open the package and think the signature is real they leave positive feedback not knowing the package they received is fake!
This is where you need to use your initiative if the seller keeps on listing Ronaldinho signed football shirts and signed boots then its 98% positive that its a fake question the seller who is selling the goods ask him how do you keep on getting Ronaldinho signed football shirt for example and if he comes back saying he is linked with Barcelona or Real Madrid for example do not go near him.
A lot of power sellers sell signed football merchandise and say they have pictures of them being with the true football stars but how do you know that that picture they have shown you is authentic they might have just taken it from someones else's website!

I therefor finish by saying thank you for reading this guide and please rate whether you thought it was helpful or not once again  thank you and be aware when purchasing football signed goods.

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