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This is a guide on the ford 6000 rds Cd player fitting and buying  

If you have any ford car with a radio cassette from 1995 ish on and you want to change it for a cd player then this guide may help you

The basic single head cd player is quite popular and  is known as a 6000 rds model ,there are other models that have more to them but there basicly the same

If you decide to buy one of these CD Players from ebay or anywhere else make sure you have the code for it

It should be a 4 digit number with out that you cannot get your cd player to work

Once you have your Cd player you will need to fit it and of course that means taking your old cassette out ,for this you will need the correct type of removing pins ,there like a u shape and fit in the two holes at either side of the unit ,basicly u push them into the holes at each side and pull the unit out

If you dont have the correct pins then if you can find two farily long thin screw drivers or anything thin and long to go into at least both holes at one side you can manage to get it out that way  with a bit of fiddling ,just do one side at a time and it should just pull out

Once the unit is out you need to disconnect the atenna cable from the back of the unit and the two/three block connectors from the rear left side of the unit ,once these are disconected is just a matter of lining up your new cd player ,connecting the block connectors to the same place as your old unit (they should go in with no problems) and connecting the atenna

Slide the cd player into place but dont push it in all the way just yet

Turn on the ingnition of your car and enter the code you got with the CD player using the 1st 4 button 1-4 ,you will see if your press 1 it counts up,the same with 2,3,4

Once the code is displayed on the screen press 5 to enter it and your radio should come on ,if it has try tunning it to a local staion to make sure its ok and then stick a CD in it to make sure its working ,once your happy its all ok them you can push the cd player all the way in and it should click  into positon

If for any reason your code did not enter then you may have the wrong code ,then get a refund ,you can get them decoded but thats gonna cost you

Keep a note of the code somewhere safe incase you battery goes flat or gets diconnected for some reason ,or if you decide to sell it again

hope this was useful to you



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