FORD replacement remote control / keys

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I recently purchased a '98 Ford Mondeo that came with only 1 key, a 3 button remote that was looking 'tired' to say the least. I decided to invest in a new remote and duly purchased a brand new Ford original equipment 3 button remote. I also obviously had a new blade cut to my 'T' code at the same time. Thought the whole process to program the new remote would be straightforward... How wrong can you be!

I won't bore you with my tale of woe, suffice to say I made many fruitless trips to various locksmiths in attempting to get this new unit programmed. The point is... You need TWO working keys to program a new remote yourself! This can be either two remotes or a remote and 'chipped' MASTER key. If like me you only had 1 working key then you will definitely need the services of a specialist with the appropriate programming equipment and software, or a VERY costly visit to a Ford dealer.

Remember that a non-chipped key will only open the car... It will not bypass the immobiliser to start the engine and as such cannot be used in conjunction with another remote or 'chipped' key to enable programming of a new remote or blank master key!

If you are thinking of buying a used or new remote please bear this in mind... Purchasing apparently inexpensive programming instructions will not solve this issue!

After a lot of hassle and much money spent (well over £100), I now have 2 working remotes and in addition the all important 'chipped' master key.

Also, please be aware that there are different types of chips within the remote units and master keys... You must make sure that the installed chip is compatible with your immobiliser, otherwise you will incur more expense getting this changed!!!

In a nutshell... Be very careful before committing to buy what appears to be a 'cheap' option, chances are you will need to get some expensive, professional help along the way!!!

This should be taken into account when buying a used Ford... If it only has 1 working 'chipped' key then you will obviously be faced with quite considerable expense to obtain a fully working spare. You should be negotiating money off the asking price to resolve the issue or, ask the seller to sort it out before you part with your money!!!

Finally, if you only have 1 working remote and the battery fails, it is not uncommon for the unit to not work at all on the installation of a new battery!!!

I have found out the hard way and should have sought professional help in the first place... It would have been far cheaper in the long run!!!





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