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I have purchased many of these, and at first i was really mad too,because i thought that it was not as described. The key to "unlocking" the 4gb storage is you plug in the MP3 player to your computer and when you see the little  box at the bottom right,that says found new hardware, double click to open the device.

The reason it seems that there is a discrepancy in the amount of storage is because you have to create "storage" folders for the music to be stored in. You do this by right clicking and selecting create new folder. Make 4 or 5 folders and put about 100 songs per folder. You will find that often there is much more storage than the 4gb that is claimed to be on these "foreign" players. I was really, reallu upset with the first one that I bought too, because I thought I got totally robbed, and was so mad that they were even asking me to leave feedback first! ( I thought how dare they) But once they explained how to use the storage things were smooth sailing.

the reason you hace to create these folders is there is a safety device on the unit itself, if you put more than 100 songs in a folder, it can cause a "data traffic jam" so to speak. Thus making your Mp3 player run really slow and even freeze up.

If anyone has any other questions or would like me to assist them in making these folders, just shoot me an email.

It really bothers me that people do not take the time to figure things before they write all this trash about "foreign ebayers".

Thanks and have a great day.





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