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If eBay is not involved in this scams that ripp my money , he stolen my money i sent the money with Western Union and seems ebay still keep this fraud on eBay if you don`t take auction i will go to the lawyer and eBay is accomplice with this scams.i lost alot of money and eBay still let him to sell something doesn`t have and i want to see eBay take auction against him.He sent me e-mails that apears to be from eBay and when i tried to call him the phone number doesn`t exist and his adress registered on eBay is a false adress but seems eBay still help this scams to ripp poeples.



all4thegames     Item number: 250162397744
chesterlights821     Item number: 250155413692
davidsimon.9778     Item number: 230169759852
john.h.williams.9673   Item number: 220146201318
claudioagnes.9686    Item number: 320154392948
caravanatare19       Item number: 150160383291
calvin786corwin      Item number: 120160505274
wallis.atherton45     Item number: 250161609020
richardbarron.9754      Item number: 300149156440
agnes.j.henry.9674    Item number: 250161054892
9179_vaughan   Item number: 280149171288
facitovaras     Item number: 200150574840
bazatsunt   Item number: 230169139268
dery001burty   Item number: 170145302799
carsalon161  Item number: 110168024716

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