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This really does work, I have benefitted from it myself, all you have to do is follow the easy steps below.


Step One  Sign up for free gift

The first thing you have to do is sign up fo a free gift, I have researched and used this site myself so I know its genuine.  (When you sign up for a free gift the freebie site will get a lot of commission so they pass some of it on to you in the form of great free gifts, so dont worry its not a scam, everyone benefits)  (just copy and paste this into the address bar)

Step Two  Complete an offer 

This is really simple and there are lots of  offers to choose from, the majority are for bingo or bookmakers online.  I found the best site to be Love Film as all you have to do is take their two week free trial (make sure you rent at least one dvd sucessfully within this time period).  Then cancel your subscription before the two weeks are up, this means you won't have to pay any money.  If this is too much hassle for you there are plenty of other sites that you can join such as car insurance or new bank accounts.  REMEMBER you can not get your free gift without completing this step.


Step Three  Refering your friends

Don't worry this is the easy part.  Who wouldn't want a brand new free Apple Macbook Air.  you dont even need that many referals before you can start claiming gifts.  Get your friends and workmates involved then they can get free gifts too.  The website even gives you great tips to getting more referals.  the sooner you start the sooner yuo will be enjoying your free gift.


The only thing you need to do is make sure you do not break the rules.  There is no point you getting referals and finding out you've broken the rules and can not claim your gift.  But do not worry just follow the simple rules below.

1,  Only one account per household - do not use a public computer.

2,  Use real info - your information is not passed round the internet, if you give false information how will they know where to send the gift.

3,  Complete each offer only once.

4,  Do not try to cheat.  This is a legitimate site and they will catch you.  Stick to the rules and you will be enjoying your free gift in no time.

I hope this has been helpful, and enjoy your free gift!! 


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