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If you have a look at my eBay adverts you may notice that they are different to the standard listings eBay's description box can create. 3 people in as many months have asked me how I have added backgrounds, movement, colour and pictures into my listings, so I thought I would create a guide on how to do the same - and give away free software with which to do so!

The Software

When listing an item on eBay, you have a choice between 2 listing formats when you get to the description box - you can write the description in eBay's standard box with a choice of 4 fonts and 4 colours on a white background or you can click above the description box "Enter My Own HTML". HTML is a computer programming code that allows you to display basically all kinds of everything - fancy fonts, backgrounds, pictures, photos, even videos, moving images and fancy tricks such as snowflakes falling down your page (see my Christmas adverts!!)

The trouble with HTML is that, unless you are a computer expert with very much time on your hands, the language and codes needed to convert these things to display as a web page or advert are extremely extensive and difficult to do - until now!

There are such things as "HTML Editors" and these programs allow you to insert pictures, backgrounds, fonts etc., in much the same way as, say, writing an email, onto a blank page - you just put everything on the page that you would like to be displayed and arrange it how you would like it to be displayed - you then click a button and the whole lot converts itself instantly and automatically into the HTML code for you to copy and paste into the "Enter Your Own HTML" description box of eBay. These programs are known as "WYSIWYG" (pronounced "wizzywig") programs and stand for What You See Is What You Get - that is, how you design the page is transferred into the code for you and then you use that code to display the page exactly as your original design.


Apart from the fact that using the HTML gives you infinite choice of design and personalisation (as opposed to eBay's 4 fonts and 4 colours), my own sales increased greatly when I started using HTML, seemingly buyers prefer the layout of the adverts.

Also, using HTML is FAR cheaper in many respects; you do not have to pay eBay extra to add a fancy background nor do you pay extra for the photos you insert - eBay charge an extra 12p per photo up to a maximum of 10, more if you want them of a bigger size - by usding HTML, you can add as many photos and pictures etc. at the size of your choice, even huge ones, for free.

How To Get The Software

There are a few HTML Editors from which to choose but Microsoft Frontpage is renowned as the best and is the one I use myself.

Microsoft Frontpage is part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs and costs up to £800 depending on the version you buy (e.g. Frontpage 2000, Frontpage 2003 etc.)

HOWEVER!!! Originally, before they brought out the multi-hundred pound versions of Frontpage, Microsoft offered it for free, in those days it was called Frontpage Express. Frontpage Express does EXACTLY the same job as the charged for versions, I lost Office from my laptop when I had to reinstall Windows and so downloaded Frontpage Express; there are a few small differences to the Frontpage 2003 I have on my desktop but these are certainly not worth paying £100s for a later version as Frontpage Express does all that you need.

After you have finished reading this guide, click HERE to go to my About Me page where you can download Frontpage Express instantly. When downloaded, extract files to a new folder, save and re-open and then click on the application which is a white page symbol with a red feather ontop of it - Frontpage Express will open and you can start using right away.

The one thing I have noticed with Frontpage Express is that the Help files are not present - if you are using for the first time and need assistance, user guides are on Google, just type in "Frontpage Express User Guide" and lots of free pages with help topics and how to use come up.


Genuinely one of the most useful free tools available, I was amazed when I came across this as I had envisaged forking out £100s for a new version when my laptop was reformatted. Ebay sales will certainly rise when using the software, please see my own auctions for examples of listings using Frontpage.

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