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This review is one I wrote on CIAO/DOOYOO

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We have all heard of the reward Sites and the stories that go with them.  I would like to introduce you to a particular Rewards Site called FREECLICKZ

This is one of the first rewards sites that I had even thought about trying.  I viewed the site numerous times and also checked out other Reward Sites, and looked for Reviews. To be quiet honest I was clueless as to how these sites worked and whether they actually did do  what they said they said.  Well this one did and still does exactly what it says and to be honest I could have not chosen a better site, I would recommend  FREECLICKZ to everyone.

The main reason I had checked this site out was due to a close friend who had heard good things about it. SHe knew I wanted an Apple IPod for my daughter as a Christmas Present and also knew I was rather short on money, she felt that this could be the answer.
She sent me her referal link, I clicked onto the link and so my new venture began.  This link took me to the FREECLICKZ Website main page.  I added in standard information about myself name, address ect.... I then clicked through to the next screen.  Everthything on the site was self explanitory or had foornotes to help, and if I got stuck I could always contct SUPPORT.


These are always being updated at present the new DS Lite and PS3 have been added, there is the Xbox 360 Core, Ipods and many others. Of course I chose the pink Ipod which was on Offer, and required 8 referals at the time, but I had a purpose for this reward and it was Christmas, 4 months was my deadline.  Each gift has different referal limits, so always think carefully when choosing.  Although you can change your gift at any time just by clicking change gift (very easy).


There are many offersusually around 12  from Bingo, Betting Credit cards, the newest ones are Tickle Tests, they are priced in USA dollars $4.95 but covert to around £3.00 so well worth it.  You need to pick an offer complete it as outlined to be credited.

I personally completed one of the gambling sites that were on the site at the time.  I deposited and played through my £10 of my own cash (which sadly I lost as I am useless at gambling) as soon as my money had gone I left the site.   To be honest I haven;t been back either.  To my surprise within 24hrs my account on was showing I had completed my offer and all I needed to do was refer a few of my friends an colleagues to signup to the site and complete their offers and I would receive my gift.

I did get my mum to do a gambling offer for me and she was lucky enough to win, so I got my referal and she got extra money and her money back.

Refer Friends:-

Easy, but time consuming

A person can sign up under your referal link but if they do not complete an offer their name will not turn GREEN on your referals screen.  Each person that completes an Offer will go from RED to GREEN (GREEN is good) and these count towards your gift.

After sending out my referal link and explanation to all my friend and collegues I began to start to worry time was ticking.  Luckly through pure dedication and determination I got my referals. This was 3 weeks before Christmas, Nail biting time would it arrive in time.

My Gift:-

19th December I get a knock at the door it is my postman, he is holding a small box. (all items are deliovered via Recorded Delivery for safety). I opened it to find a Pink Mini Ipod with a thank you note from the owner of FREECLICKZ. It was poerfect I wrapped it up and gave it to my daughter as a Christmas Present, I can tell you now the picture on her face when she opened it made it all worth while.


My thoughts I got an Ipod for £10 so far as I am concerned this site is brilliant.  There are different offers now and new reward's including £150 Paypal Payment or PC.  My sister is currently working on this site she is looking to get a Custom Gift so she has left a Year to complete.

If you are interested check out my ME page for links.

I would never have got my daughters present if it wasn't for FREECLICKZ

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