FVF's hard to fathom

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After recently having problems when trying to claim a FVF due to non paying bidder, which I was not granted despite me being eligable for the FVF, the system timed out my claim despite checking my dispute consol on a regular basis. I believe that the current system and method of which FVF process is currently displayed is flawed,very misleading and not user friendly for the claimant/seller. For example the system says if the claimants action is required it will be highlighted in BOLD, in my case the non paying buyer did not respond and the system timed the claim out no further action was asked of me (the claimant) in bold hence I lost my chance to get a FVF. The options listed to close the claim say just that "Close the Claim" this gives the impression that if these options are used you the claimant will loose the right to get a FVF. The instructions and help are very vague and the system in a whole should be looked at again.

This has been the second time I've lost out on a FVF, the reply from E Bay in the first instance was simply that it had timed out but no explanation why, the second occasion the information was a bit more helpful as there was more of it. To simply sum it up, when you dispute consol  shows your eligable for the FVF  (blue tick) and your non paying buyer has not responded say after a couple of weeks or just gives a pathetic excuse to justify why they should not complete the transaction, close the dispute using the options listed, don't wait for the system to do it for you as it won't.

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