FZR 600 Genesis Model 3HE Year 1993-94

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The 1993-94 model FZR600 was superseeded by the Foxeye version in late 1994. The 3he model, which i currently own is a true scratchers bike & for cheap speed, it fits the bill nicely...
Having owned many, many bikes, ranging from old Suzuki Katanas through to even older GT 550 Two strokes, my last sportsbike was the Triumph TT600, year 2000, which decided to kill itself by going through a Chevron sign at 90 mph!!! Luckily i went INBETWEEN the two metal posts & landed in a nearby farmers field!!!
The one thing i will say in the TT's favour was the awesome handling(the crash was my own stupidity), but stepping onto this little FZR600 Genesis, i wasnt expecting much....after all its a 1994 bike, but i was surprised by its ability to corner as if on rails!!
The raucious feel of the engile inspires you to take great liberties & every road becomes your own personal racetrack...
It feels like a well tuned 2stroke, making much of its power higher in the rev range & from 8k upwards, it screams from the aftermarket Micron exhaust.  A Stage one dynojet is fitted to my bike & the only thing  which needs doing is a Carb setup, as the bike does tend to hunt a little through town at low revs...
Im a skinny git at 5ft 8" and weighing 9stone, the stock suspension settings suit me fine, the brakes, if looked after and maintained well are surprisingly good, especially the front stoppers.But most times youll find yourself screaming through the Countryside, sweeping through multiple bends without having to touch the brakes, as the handling is just so good!!
Overall, for a cheap entry into the Sportsbike field, i would thoroughly recommend this little bike, as it has that true racers feel to it & will put a geet big smile upon yer face!!!
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