Fable 2 for Xbox 360

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One of the best fantasy role-playing games I've played.  A great storyline with interesting characters.  A good mix between  challenges and action-based gameplay. 

One of the most interesting feature of this game is how your character evolves.  You start as a child and have the freedom to choose good or bad actions but decisions have the consequence of physically altering your character and the world around you as you become an adult.  Crime and immorality gradually makes your appearance evil-looking, society suffers economically whereas healthy, legal and moral actions behaviour beautifies you and makes society prosper.  Decisions like this are featured throughout the game including how you conduct business, whether your abide by the laws of each town, how you treat other people and choices you make during the course of various quests.

Combat features use of hand-to-hand combat, use of ranged weapons and magic spells.  You develop your skills as your progress through the game.  You can develop each area equally or choose to specialise.

Throughout most of the game you are accompanied by your pet dog and will learn how to use him to track certain items.

The graphics are spectacular and controls feel natural and easy to master.

The game can be challenging but is not impossibly hard.  There are a number of easily applied cheats available on the Internet if you need help to complete certain sections of the game.

The game is rated 15 as there are some violent scenes and some vulgar and sexual overtones.  For example, some of the expressions you can use including giving someone the middle finger, hip thrusts, butt shaking etc.  Also, you can seduce and have sex with characters, though you don't see them having sex.

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