Fair Postage and Packing charges?

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P&P charges seem to create many questions on Ebay. Before questioning P&P charges with sellers, I would ask you to consider the following:

When my buyers pay for my items quickly, I want to get that item to them quickly. I use Next Day Special Delivery with an insurance of up to £500 (more for a higher value item). This gives me peace of mind and ensures an efficient transaction. However, should things go wrong, everyone is covered. For a package of up to 100g, this costs £4.10 at the time of writing. There are also costs involved with packing paterials. I like to re-cycle wherever possible, but even this has its own associated costs. I have to get the package to a post office. At best this involves a special journey, at worst it could involve parking costs as well!

I try to post many items together where possible, and pass a reduction onto buyers. I often reduce my P&P charge. The stated P&P charge is there in case I have to make a special journey to post one item (especially for a few pounds!). It is not to make extra profit. It is to ensure that it does not cost me money to sell an item! In the true spirit of Ebay, many people list items with no reserve price. I too do this. That means the possibility (and it has happened to me) of someone winning your item for 99p! Now even if I charge £5.00 for P&P, it is not worth me packing the item, let alone starting the car engine! I would definately sell at a loss.

So please, before you rant and rave about high postage charges, consider what the seller is actually doing to ensure the item reaches you quickly and safely. All genuine Ebay sellers take pride in providing a fast and courteous service, especially with buyers who pay immediately. And as we know, the higher the level of service, the more money it costs!

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