Fake Bake what you should know!

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 As a Authorized seller of Fake Bake, I thought I would browse ebay to see what fake bake is being sold on there and how much it is selling for (I am also a power seller on ebay, and sell many other items) anyway I came accross many pages of what it seems pretty old stock! not sure if anyone is aware of this but fake bake changed there packaging a while back now, (around 8 months ago) and most of the tanners, airbrush tanners etc have a shelf life of around 10 months, which mean alot of this stock (if it is the same as the images shown) are probably out of date, which means not such a good tan, infact you will probably get a smelly runny liquid,

Also Fake Bake do not authorize ebay sells, infact they are very against there stockists selling on ebay, this is why I do not sell my stock on ebay, I have approached them about this and they have guaranteed me that all the sellers who sell on ebay are not authorized stockists and there stock probably comes from the USA or another source.

So these are some facts you should be aware of when you buy it,

I have attactched a photo of the new fake bake products, so you can see that they are clearly different to allot of the ones on ebay, (apart from the odd person)

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