Fake Cornish Ware HOMEPRIDE FRED etc

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OK after so many queries about this time for a quick guide:

99.99% of Homepride Fred items proporting to be made by T.G. Green and sold on ebay are absolutely fake - TGG ONLY made the following items related to Homepride:

Cloverleaf backstamp
Jumbo Cup & Saucer with fred icons to one side, no text.
Milk jug - ditto.

Mason & Cash Cornish Blue backstamp:
Limited edition Freds Tea jars/bowls etc are fine and were a specially commissioned series by Key Collectables c.2004+ They do however look quite similar to the faked items. They should theoretically have a certificate of authenticty with them as they were all apparently issued with one. 

Early Church/Green Shield/Black Shield/Judith Onions Target/80's Modern Church
Anything with these backstamps mentioning HOMEPRIDE or any other baking/flour brand with a 'graphic' etc is 101% absolutely FAKE - avoid it. Shield marked jars bearing just the word of the brand are possible but extremely unlikely to come across, there is certainly not a known named "Homepride" jar for instance with a shield mark. The most faked items are plates and the majority of these have a single blue band rather than the usual double and a green shield backstamp.

Happy hunting
Lucy & Pete (aka Cornishware.biz)

As always - ask if in doubt!



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