Fake/Counterfeit Hoya Filters / ebay seller/ capturepix

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Hoya 46mm Uv-c filter

Purchased from seller 



As soon as filter arrived it was in poor quality packaging, so took it to a local Jessops for comparison, to which there was a few subtle differences (the filter case security tabs out of line / card print colours was grainy/faded, serial number label was stuck on top of where it should be printed on card! The lens was tea smokey shade/ lettering on filter frame was "glossy" and not in a lustre finish too.

So I then asked this seller to confirm its authenticity in "writing", which he did say it was genuine!

(which can leave a seller "bang to rights" if proved not to be so!)

He told me; If I was not happy! Send it back for full refund of (£8.49)' also I'd get a refund for my return postage costs!

To which didn't reply'  as I was confident that this was definitely the "subterfuge" !


 For future ramifications, I sent it to local trading standards officer, which was then was forwarded and sent to Hoya UK distribution for confirmation 

Tests Confirmed my Suspicions: It was a Counterfeit / Fake!

(I never received it back' as it was destroyed by Hoya uk)





Post Note:

A separate note to this outcome though: I found that eBay in reality' were no help' as "60 days had lapsed" , which makes no sense (which shouldn't matter for fake goods), as they were aware of my initial compliant!


The USA they have the (The RICO-Statute) so if there is an (Involvement in an "enterprise" in a "pattern of racketeering", 

So could "eBay" be guilty of too of (Involvement in an "enterprise" in a "pattern of racketeering" ), it could be construed' that the gaining from the profits of counterfeit goods through their provided services (eBay) & money laundering through (PayPal)?

eBay never acknowledge and get back about the reported  fake items' nor stopped the sales of these Item I reported, not for the 1st time I have seen fake goods for sale on eBay' some listings "blatantly" described as fake copyrighted Items; e.g. (Beats audio headphones) is a perfect example, which I watched in a "fake Listing" folder. I'd saved then reported counterfeit items too eBay, which I stopped looking in the end' as personally I now think/know these headphones are well "over rated"  especially for their price 

Not so with Amazon,  they have acknowledge and Investigate my reports Asap' and do suspend or ban repeat counterfeit sellers immediately!


So eBay  must be doing some "clever accounting" (which I've suspected since a long time)' when they are also profiting from counterfeit goods, which maybe this "subject" should be tackled and written in a separate guide & review!

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