Fake/Counterfeit Mizuno Golf Clubs - Serial Numbers

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This article is in addition to my first article on spotting fake Mizunos. Since I've had such a great reception on the other one I thought I would add this on. I've been asked by a fair few people to review some listings for Mizunos and unfortunately most of them did turn out the be pretty dodgy. I don't say this to put people off buying through ebay, at the end of the day I sell golf kit on ebay! However you should educate yourself a bit and expect certain things from the seller.
I can't say strongly enough that checking serial numbers is the best single way to spot fake Mizunos. All modern Mizuno clubs have serial numbers on every single club with the exception of some woods made before 2008 which have no serial numbers of any kind.

Wedges: All single wedges, so 56* Quad Cut SWs and the like, have a serial number on the hosel/ferrule of the club. This should be etched in gold. Older clubs may only have 3 or 4 numbers and a letter but newer ones are getting longer. This is the same for the USA and the rest of the world. See picture attached.

Irons: Since 2008 -  In the USA the serial number is etched on to the metal of the neck of the club, near to the 'grain flow forged' writing. This is a single line etched very neatly. In the rest of the world the serial number is located on the underside of the shaft (graphite or steel) about 1 inch down from the grip. It is ever so slightly offset. This is laser etched and smooth to touch. It is a two line code. I have attached pics of both. THIS MUST BE ON EVERY INDIVIDUAL CLUB!!!
If a set has been custom made or ordered from Mizuno, in particular it has a custom shaft or similar, they will often come with the serial code on the hosel/ferrule as the wedges do. This goes for all the world.

Pre-2008 - Prior to this Mizuno had a very short serial number etched onto the hosel/ferrule. Counterfeiting wasn't much of a problem back then....

Drivers/Woods: As listed above, pre-2008 they had no serial numbers on them. Now they do. For the USA market they are located on the metal band on the hosel/ferrule and for the rest of the world they are located on the shaft exactly as the irons. See picture of a European graphite shafted 3 wood.

In every case where people have asked me to look at suspect Mizunos on ebay as soon as they or I have asked the seller to post or send a few pics of the serial numbers they have gotten cagey and pulled the listing or not replied. It really should be your first step to checking your purchase. Conversely if you are selling you should also include the best pics you can of the serial number.


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