Fake Duo Glue

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I have been caught out a few times now and i don't want it to happen to anyone else.
The fakes are horribly runny, they wont stick and god knows whats in them.This product goes on a super sensitive part of your eyelid and i wouldn't put anything there that i couldn't check what was in it ! You can go out in a hurricane in the real one and it wont budge!
The huge giveaway that its a fake is that this glue is NEVER sold in 9g size only 7g and 14g.Also on the flat end of the plastic there will be a number and this is missing on fakes,sometimes on the fake the cap will be different too. I hate to say it but price is a huge giveaway if its not close to £5 chances are its a fake.
I don't mind 'dupes' but selling someone a product blatantly saying its something its not is very wrong!
If you end up with a fake contact the seller, if you get no joy then contact ebay . You may think oh its only a couple of pounds but this hopefully stops the seller from selling someone else an inferior product

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