Fake Evod vs genuine Kangertech Evod eBay e-cigarette Guide.

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Fake Evod vs genuine Kangertech Evod e-cigarette eBay Guide.

After having smoked for over 20 years I decided to venture into the world of e-cigarettes / Shisha Pipes / Vaporisers.
In the past I had managed to stop smoking a few times using Nicorette Gum but sadly I have never gone more than 6 months without smoking.
Vaping is a much cheaper option and once you have bought the pipe and charger it works out at around a quarter of the price of actually smoking or buying Nicorette Gum so is well worth trying out if you are planning to quit!
I recently bought an Evod off eBay which I thought was genuine but it turned out to be a fake / clone / counterfeit.
As I am new to vaping I didn't have a clue that what I was buying wasn't the real deal.
Due to safety issues I then bought a genuine Kangertech Evod from a reputable seller on eBay (nightspur).
I can now show you (via my photos) and also tell you the difference between a fake Evod and a genuine one!
All the Evod's in the photos below on the left of each photo are of the fake Evod and all the ones on the right in the photos are of a genuine Kangertech Evod.
The fake Evod seemed to be fairly well made and quite solid but in less than a week of unscrewing it to charge it up it has left it with a slight bend to it!
The Menthol Kik eliquid that I used left a dissinfectant taste in my mouth when used in the fake Evod, almost like licking a freshly washed hospital floor!
However when I used the same eliquid in the genuine Kangertech Evod there wasn't this horrible taste.
The genuine Kangertech Evod had much more of a Menthol hit to it too and gave out more vapour than the fake one.
Counterfeit Evods are fairly plain and the one I bought had 'Evod' in black on the battery and a 'ce' mark on the piece where the coil screws into.
Genuine Kangertech evods are stamped with 'Kangertech Evod' in silver on the battery.
They are also stamped 'Kangertech Evod' on the piece where the coil screws into.
The fake Evods are plain underneath on the base whereas the genuine one has the Kangertech logo.

The button on the fake Evod is bigger and sits flush with the shaft and glows blue around the edge of the button when you use it.
The button on the genuine Kangertech Evod is smaller and sticks out slighly and glows white around the edge of the button when used.
The photos show the fake on the left and the genuine one on the right and it is easy to tell the difference when directly compared.
The coil on the fake Evod was short and the resistance (ohms) was not shown.
The coil on the genuine Kangertech Evod was much longer and the resistance (ohms) was stamped on the coil.
The lower the ohms the more vapour is produced but the coil doesn't last as long and the higher the ohms the less vapour is produced but the coil lasts longer before needing replaced.
Please note that some coils on some genuine e-cigarettes are short and doesn't mean that they are fake.
Kangertech coils usually last 4-6 weeks before needing replaced depending on how much you use the evod or which ohms coil you use.
Having used various coils I prefer the 1.8 ohms ones myself as I like more vapour so try the different ohms ones yourself to see what you prefer.
The top of the battery is Silver coloured on the fake Evod and is Gold coloured on the genuine Kangertech Evod.
When just the clearomiser (or top / mouth piece) of the Evods are compared there is very little difference and at first glance they look the same.
The only difference is underneath where the battery screws in.
On the fake Evod there are more screw grooves than there are on the genuine Kangertech one.

I bought the fake Evod for £8.99 with free p&p and it came in a blister pack with a usb charger with a very short lead and with the instructions printed on a piece of cardboard.
Had I known it was a fake clone then I would not have bought it.
The genuine Kangertech was a starter kit (£24.99) and comes with:
2 complete Evods with coils & batteries for each,
A USB charging lead which is longer lead than the fake Evod one,
5 extra 2.2 ohms coils,  
Small printed instruction booklet,  
Small colour card showing you how to re-fill the Evod and on the back it also shows a table comparing the suitable resistance (ohms) for different voltages,
Plus a product authenticity card showing how to verify that it is an authentic Kangertech Evod.
The genuine Kangertech Evod starter kit also comes in a lovely presentation box with a product authenticity code underneath that you have to scratch off and then check via their official website.
Price of the starter kit was £24.99 with free p&p from eBay seller 'nightspur' who was extremely helpful in answering my questions about the product and it was delivered well packaged and within 48 hours of purchase.
The starter kit was factory sealed in cellophane too!
All of the 9 photos below show a genuine Kangertech Evod which was bought from 'nightspur' (eBay shop: Knightspur).

If you aren't concerned about the safety of the product or how long it will work or last for and want it cheap then buy a fake Evod (but I wouldn't advise you to do so).
One person has already sadly been killed by an exploding charging e-cigarette battery though!
Please always ensure that you use the battery charger that comes with the e-cigarette and don't be tempted to just use any old battery charger.
It is likely that they are different voltages which is why the batteries can end up exploding while being charged up!
There was over 60 incidents of charging e-cigarette batteries exploding last year!
But if you want my advice then pay that little bit extra and buy a genuine Kangertech Evod from a reputable eBay seller such as 'nightspur'.
He went more than an extra mile to help me out and is highly recommended!
Any decent and honest seller of Evod's would be more than happy to answer any questions about their product.
The seller of the fake one couldn't even tell me what battery size it was or which replacement coil I should use!
eBay seller 'nightspur' uses the products that he sells and so is therefore better equiped to help with any queries or questions that you may have.
Plus he is a true full 5 star rated seller so you know that you are getting the best service that you possibly can!
He helped me out so much that the least I can do is to praise his attitude, politeness, helpfulness and fantastic service and if only all eBay sellers were like him!
I hope that you have found this guide useful and please don't forget to vote as it is free to do so and only takes a moment.
The more votes I receive the more inclined I am to spend my valuable free time writing more eBay Guides and Reviews for you.
Many thanks.
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