Fake Flash Drives openly sold on eBay

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 **** This is a VERY important message ****

To those considering the purchase of USB flash memory, both drives and cards.

Before you make that decision to risk an eBay purchase, do your homework properly, research prices from reputable dealers.
Read the reports on sosfakeflash and fightflashfraud blogs, or an up-to-date position on what is going on.

http://snipurl.com/vi3po (Sorry as of Jan 2011 link is dead)

For an interesting review of the so called Paypal protection program and how it does not really work, checkout here


When you have read all the above information, go to you local PC supplier to make your purchase, that way if you STILL get a fake, you can always put your problem in the hands of trading standards, even take along the local POLICE to check out the FRAUDULENT seller.

If you do take a chance on eBay, please be aware that there are genuine sellers there, that are having a real hard time due to all the cheap fake sales undercutting their prices, they might be pleased to get your business, and very deserving of a good positive feedback for the sale.

Talking of feedback, NEVER issue feedback to an ebay flash seller until you have done a complete thorough check on your purchase, using h2testw test program. If you have a fake or a drive of less capacity than stated in the auction, then the course of action is make a report detailing GOODS NOT AS DESCRIBED, claim a refund from the seller, and leave
NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, no matter what the outcome is,  you were sold a FAKE that is fraud, and FRAUD must be marked by a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, nothing else.

Negative Feedback is your only weapon against a fraudulent seller, use it freelty and NEVER be convinced to change a negative feedback by a threat or bribe from a seller, this action is definately against the rules.


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