Fake & Fraudulant Emails Imitating Ebay and Paypal

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If you Havn't Had One Your Lucky!

Unfortunately, for the many hundreds of thousands of Ebay Users, who buy and sell with honesty and interity, there are some rogues out there, who's mission is to get hold of your account details for both Ebay and Paypal, and they will try just about anything and everything.

Tell-Tale Signs:

Mystery emails which say things such as "where is my item, I will report you to ebay if you do not reply" and "your account will be suspended if you do not supply up to date details" are amongst my most frequent emails, and since I became a power-seller, I tend to recieve 2 or 3 of these emails per day!

So how do you know a reall email from a fake?

Well although most emails are so appalingly written in broken english and just scream I'M NOT REAL! there are some very clever imitations using Ebay and Paypal logos and all in all lucking very genuine, try hovering over a link "NOT CLICKING IT!" in the bottom left of your screen it should tell you the "path" of the link, this is where it will take you if clicked, if the path does not originate from an "ebay" site, do not click it!

You should always try and report spoof emails, there will be a link on the right hand side of the email saying "report" however, do not click this link if you are not convinced you are being taken to ebay,


Forward spoof emails from paypal to:  spoof @ paypal.com (do not edit the email in any way)

Forward spoof emails from ebay to: spoof @ ebay.co.uk (do not edit the email in any way)

NEVER - log onto ebay directly from a link within an email.

If Possible - Download the Ebay toolbar, it's free and it warns you if you are not on a genuine ebay site!

Thanks for reading this short guide, I hope you have found it of use!

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