Fake GHDs MKIV from The Style Box or Bee_Vintage!!!

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Bought from: The Style Box AKA Bee_Vintage

Warning.  Be aware when buying the new mkIV GHDs.  I bought some supposedly genuine GHD's only to find they were fakes.  These were absolutely fantastic.  They came with a genuine GHD sealed box, they had all the writing in the right place.  The holograms were perfect with the 15 digit code, came with a CD and supposed to have a two year warranty.

I had these straigtheners for 3 weeks when they started to constantly beep and would no longer heat up.  I range GHD for advice and I also tried to register the 15 digit code only to find that this could had tried to be registered over 30 times.  I explained how genuine this product seemed and GHD explained that these fakes are now so good that the only way of knowing is to open the GHD's up.  They asked me to send them in and they would send a letter confirming these were fakes.

I did get a refund from the ebayer after stating i was going to give their details to GHD.  They gave me a full refund saying they are not dishonest people.  However, i have had several emails from other people who have bought off this ebayer saying they are having the same problem.  Therefore i feel there is no doubt this ebayer is 100% dishonest and knows exactly what they are doing. 

I hope this helps anyone who may be considering buying GHDs.  Steer well clear.

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