Fake GHD's from Mobile-Blue

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Don't buy any product from mobile-blue.  I spent £65 on GHD straightners, thinking they were a legitimate company being a google sponsor and paying through Paypal.  They took ages to arrive and when they did they were obviously fake, I had to send to GHD to confirm, which they did, I couldn't get my money back from the company un lesss I sent the item back (but upon reading other stories of people sending items back and not getting a refund I didn't, instead I contacted Paypal who wouldn't give me any money as I'd paid outwith eBay.  I've since learnt if I paid by Visa I would have been gauranteed but no web sale is guaranteed using a debit card, so I'm not £65 out of pocket with a useless pair of GHD's so DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM MOBILE-BLUE

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