Fake Golf Pride Multi compound grips

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Be very cautious: it seems the rule of thumb is easy at the moment: 90% of the multi compound grips advertised by sets of 9 are fake. The sellers usually have a medium level profile (50-150 sales) and specify that they are 'UK sellers'.

There are a number of differences with the real ones:

  • different pattern on the side
  • more flexible than the real ones
  • colors slightly different to the catalogue. this is actually a goood one: some sellers advertise colors that are not even on the catalogue, definitely avoid these sellers.
  • the perfect test is to put a bit of solvent -white spirit is perfect- on the grip and rub it with a towel. The fake ones lose their black color very easily
  • I've put my hands on such a set. The inside shape must be quite poor: I've never seen a grip so loosely fitted. These grips look the part but they are not good.

The problem is that these grips are advertised as genuine ones, which is not the case. I guess the sellers have few returns and agree to refund quickly to avoid negative feedbacks.

 The only real ones available seem to be with sellers who have been around for years and years (2000+ items sold). They usually sell at a fixed price of around 60£ as the fake ones go on auction for 15-25£. I would not be surprised either that some disappointed buyers try to resell theirs as sets of 3 or 9.

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