Fake/Hacked/Flashed Memory Cards and USB flashdrives

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It would be nice if when you bought something, say a 32gb flash drive, it was just that a 32gb Flash Drive, unfortunately some underhand people hack flashdrives to look bigger than they actually are, the only test is to write to drive up to the capacity it is supposed to be.  Most people will happily put files on the flashdrives and probably, at first will use very little of its quoted capacity, the first time they try to make use of the full capacity of the drive they will usually be in for a shock.  Virtually all cases files will appear to be copied onto the drive, however you will find on closer inspection there will be empty folders, garbled files.

Most of the time these flashdrives will be 4gb or 8gb drives that have been flashed/hacked to appear as 16gb/32gb/64gb drives.  The drives will usually work perfectly fine as a 4gb or 8gb drive, however you will have to be aware that when you try to write more than 4gb/8gb instead of being told you are out of space, the drive will appear to continue to write information to the drive, even though in reality it isn't.

Ebay is a huge target of these fake/flashed/hacked flash drives and sellers of these items rely on the fact that most users won't try the drives to their quoted capacity before leaving - in most cases positive feedback for an item that in most cases will be found out for what it really is, though by this time it is usually too late and the fact that the seller has positive feedback will only allow the seller to continue to peddle fake/flashed/hacked drives.

If you buy a flashdrive, please for the sake of yourself if not for others - test it before leaving feedback, this hopefully will go some way to reducing people being ripped off.

Two programs that will help can be found at the following locations :



or google h2testw and USB Flash Drive Tester.

I have no affiliation with any of this websites or the publishers of the software, the aim of this guide is to hopefully make more people aware of this problem and try to minimise the number of people getting ripped off by this practice.

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