Fake Links of London

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It has surprised me how many fake Links of London 'sweetie' bracelets there are on ebay, pretty much most of those you see will be a replica and not the genuine article.

The prices that you pay for these are way higher than what they are worth as the quality is poor and they don't seem to be 925 silver?

Generally look out for:

The charms - there seem to be a number of fakes with 3 common charms: scotty dog, heart and flip flop, stay away from these.  That doesn't mean that others with a single charm or no charm are real though...

Packaging - it's nice to get all the packaging when making a purchase i.e. a links of London bag, box, pouch, care card etc.  However this is something to watch out for as all the fakes seem to come with all this packaging which is in-tact and no black and cream ribbon, which you get with the real thing round the box.  I make this point because, the genuine bracelets do not always come with a Links carrier bag, I, for example, did not buy my sweetie bracelet from a Links store, as they are sold in many other jewelers too.  So this tell tale sign along with the others listed can flag up a fake.

Feedback - if the seller has sold any other Links bracelets for example, it goes to show that they are not genuine items.  Beware tho, many sellers use a few different accounts to sell their items, for this reason, so look out for the wording of the text, it may be similar (or exactly the same) to that on another bracelet, from a 'different' seller.

Price - generally, if it seems too good to be true, it is!  If the bracelet is listed as 'new' but has a Buy It Now of about £60, then it IS to good to be true!  They sell for just under £100 in the shops and a charm can be £40 or more on top of that.

Upon purchasing a replica bracelet and comparing it to my real one, I found that:

The actual links are probably not real silver as sound like tin when you flick them together, they are also a slightly different colour from the real thing

The bracelet feels different in your hand and on your wrist, there seemed to be too many links on the fakes and they didn't sit nicely in a row on your wrist

The links were not one complete circle, without a join, you could see where they had been made and each end was joined to make a circular link

The elastic holding the links wasn't as stretchy as the genuine bracelet, but seemed to be of good quality however

The charms looked quite good and it was more difficult to tell the real from the fake, the thick link which attached them was of poorer quality.  They did have a links of London 3 link 'hallmark' on them but it wasn't as clear as the real thing, so don't be fooled, the bracelet also says Link of London with the 'hallmark', but this again is not real

I would not recommend that you purchase a fake as they do not, in my opinion, look or feel worth the money and they can go for anything from £35 to £70!  The real thing is well worth paying the money for...so I did!

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