Fake Louboutin and Jimmy Choos on eBay

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I have just searched the above on eBay and have spotted 5 pairs of shoes that have raised alarm bells.

I've been buying designer shoes for nearly a decade and scan for new styles and bargains worldwide on a daily basis.

There is a relatively new website (ioffer.com) which has Chinese manufacturers offering to make/sell designer heels for $90/£45ish - alarmingly these manufacturer's pictures are stupidly being copied by sellers on ebay - offering eBayers the chance to buy Louboutin peek toes new in box for £100 (instead of £425) and a silver crystal flat Jimmy Choo sandal (that on closer inspection looks nothing like the original) for £70 (Instead of £315)

One of these Chinese copied photographed Louboutins is currently on eBay for £148 with 3 days to run - obviously purchased from Hong Kong for $90 that's a great profit isn't it?

As an unwritten rule if one designer style suddenly appears in several listings by different sellers and the price seems to be a bargain - be careful they MAY not be the real deal.

Another thing to look out for is when the seller offers you to pick whatever size you require at auction end and informs you (even if the seller is based in UK) that delivery will be 5-10 days from their 'supplier' and is unable to offer next day delivery yet the postage/shipping costs seem quite high. 

REMEMBER authentic Louboutins run small usually half a size I'm a perfect 39 in Jimmy Choo, Prada, and Gucci but am 39.5 without fail in other Louboutin styles - fakes do not usually come in half sizes.

We all love a bargain but if you're spending your hard earned cash on something you believe to be the genuine article and it isn't - buying a fake Christian Louboutin for £148 doesn't seem to be quite a bargain after all..............................

Happy eBaying!!





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