Fake MAC Cosmetics

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Time and time again I see fake MAC cosmetics appearing on eBay, and I'm fed up with these rip-off merchants. The real thing ALWAYS have shade names, and NOT just numbers and vague descriptions eg icy blue. Most of these products look genuine enough, until you check the MAC website and find they don't exist.

The starting bids for these rubbish items is outrageous, too -  £4.99 for something that's not even genuine!! Worse still, people get taken in by these things, convinced they're getting the real McCoy at a 'bargain' price, and place bids.

Make a point of checking feedback, if in doubt; I've come across sellers with handfuls of negatives and neutrals all saying the same thing - 'Fake MAC item, seller ignores emails, BEWARE' etc. Multiple bad feedback like this gets the point across, don't you think?

No doubt with Christmas coming up more and more of these ghouls will be peddling their garbage merchandise, so be wary and be an informed eBayer. Don't let the bad guys win and take your money!!

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