Fake MAK Brushes - Act Quickly To Cancel Transaction

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Yes, it seems to be correct what is being reported by the person who has shared knowledge with us. Quote from the report as follows:- 'Let me make one thing clear before I start. 99.9% of MAC brushes on ebay are FAKES'... Many thanks to him/her... I had just purchased a brush for my daughter when I read the guide... I took the following action and the transaction was swiftly cancelled through ebay with the agreement of the vendor... Email to the vendor as follows:-... Dear Supplier. I have been told that this item is probably a fake. Is this true? If so I would prefer to cancel the transaction please. Regards. ________.... I received the following Email from ebay... Dear Sir. **supplier** has sent you a request to cancel the transaction for MACs 168. Reason for request: The seller says that you have purchased the item in error. Please click the Take action button to accept or decline this request... I followed this instruction and the transaction was completed after clicking the agreement button. I then received the following Emails from ebay:-... 1st Email.--- Dear buyer... You agreed to the seller's request to cancel the transaction for MACs 168. This case is now closed. You are no longer obligated to purchase this item from **vendor**.......... 2nd Email.--- Dear Buyer... You received a full or partial refund of £5.10 GBP from vendor. This refund will appear on your credit card statement as credit from PAYPAL. If you have any questions, please contact Seller... Note from seller. None provided. Original transaction details. Description. MACs 168. £3.60 GBP. Postage: £1.50 GBP. Compensation: £0.00 GBP. Total: £5.10 GBP.... I hope this information is of help to purchasers.
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