Fake Paul Smith Mini Items

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I am a collector of much of the PS mini range and I am not suprised at the number of fakes springing up on here. **another review on here uses the same words as mine! so please beware**

Here is my guide to spotting the PS fakes.

Paul Smith Mini
Lots of bags, cufflinks and wallets appearing with the image of the multicolour PS mini.

Mini bags - A real PS mini bag has a leather zip inside the bag, the fakes have a metal zip. If the bag stinks of paint then its fake. The Paul Smith signature is incorrect in fakes and looks like its tipping downwards, also its too big (this is noticed inside the bag). The purple lining is also incorrect, feels loose in fakes. If a mini bag is selling for £40 then its fake. The mini will also look too small on the bags and too far off the floor (Chatsworth range a good example - there is too much of the floor, mini too small - the real one is a bigger mini.) Go into a PS shop and look at a real one, you will then realise its totally fake. I have also noticed that lately they are sticking the most dreadful 'luggage tags' on the fake bags. The real PS tag is leather with a brown strap, also the earlier ranges didnt have one on yet the fakes have (Chatsworth, Seaside, Ace Cafe)

FAKE Notice the colours are all wrong, plus the luggage tag is one slung on fake bags cause they cant get a real one or they wont pay to get something that may be real. Also notice that Paul Smith mini bags are 'never' tagged with white plastic!! AVOID!!

REAL This is the genuine bag with the genuine luggage strap. Notice the difference in the mini and the luggage strap is leather. This is the genuine Paul Smith Mini bag.

Here is what the tag looks like on real ones, notice that its black fabric not white plastic and the tag is white.

Mini Cufflinks - The one to watch with these is that the mini is too blurred, the real cufflinks have the full colours of the mini. They need to come in either the green fabric box PS signed, a black box with either a green pull or a multi colour pull or a box with multi stripes round the top. If it comes with no box then its fake. Also any for £20 aint gonna be real.

FAKE These are the common ones that pop up on Ebay, avoid them like the plague. Totally fake, the box is wrong and the mini is faded. Too cheap to be PS AVOID!

REAL Now look at these! The Brighton 'new' SS08 range, compare the clear PS mini to the one above. The box is the genuine thing. Excellent cufflinks. THE REAL DEAL

Mini Wallets - The big give away is that they stink of paint and glue. The image will be bright and again a blur. They seem to have perfected (well tried to) the Paul Smith dustbags and boxes on wallets, but to the real eye they are also fake too. If it makes ya pass out with the stink its fake. The Chatsworth house (complete range tbh!) wallets are very rare, only a genuine collector would have the real ones and they aint in a month of Sundays gonna be £19.99!!

** Please be aware that there are a lot of 'Mini on the Beach' springing up, this is due to the Brighton release of the range for SS08. Please please do not buy any of these wallets, they normally show a mini on a beach (what looks like sand - picture below)

FAKE! Its very rare to find the Chatsworth range of Paul Smith, normally a seller that has no idea about this range will say things like 'mini in front of a stairs' or 'mini in front of a house' This one pictured is totally fake, I managed to get a real one years ago, this one is fake for the simple reason that again the mini is too big in the picture and as per usual the photo is taken miles away from the picture. Also sellers with fake Paul Smith mini gear will say '100% genuine leather' trying to get you to avoid the 100% genuine Paul Smith that it should say. If in doubt ask for more pictures, of both the wallet and the packaging. Also a good tip is to ask for a photo of the back of the black case the wallet comes in, it should have a stuck on price tag which is on all of the backs of the black case. From my experience even if its ripped off you can still see where it was glued on, fake rubbish will not have this.

FAKE! The famous fake Mini on the Beach that are flooding Ebay at the moment. Listed as 'unwanted gift' well I am not suprised, who would want it!? Colours are all wrong.......... AVOID

FAKE! This is the worst replica of a PS wallet I have ever seen!! Where is the mini from?? I think the answer is, not on this planet! The wheels are off the wallet! AVOID

We need to remove this rubbish from Ebay, I feel sorry for the people that end up buying this rubbish. If you do want to buy off ebay, check they aint out of the UK, check feedback (tho I have noticed positive feedback given for fakes HOW???!!)

If you require any help in seeing whats real and not then please ask. Hope this helps :) Lets get you a 'real' Paul Smith not a 'fake' load of old rubbish.

**NEW** Sneak peak at the new AW08 Paul Smith Mini......under Paul Smiths fave Oak tree............

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