Fake PayPal sites,direct links now from e-bay? Be Aware

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Paypal and YOU?!?

I bought an item from a "genuine seller" so i was lead to belive by good feedback last week, i completed checkout and signed into my PayPal as normal. Once it was completed i receved an e-mail that i had paid for the item, but something was not right? The paypal sign looked as if it had been cut and pasted on that page? So i looked further into this and discoverd i had infact been directed from this person on e-bay right to the fake site and had signed into it? the genuine site front page is .co.uk and NOT .com as it does appear. I of course panicked and loged onto my paypal account and changed my password right away!

So be aware it does not always come in forms of e-mail now, you can be re-directed to this site from just buying an item from a seller and they can have all your information and passwords and take over your account? Be Aware when you sign in and watch for any signs that dont look right. And if this has happend to you, contact e-bay right away and report this and the sellers name? Lets nip this in the bud right away before we all lose something. Just be aware at all times as fraud is out there and they are waiting to catch you out........?

My only advice is to change your password once a week now and if you suspect anything just be safe and change it. I hope this is of help to somone out there, as i have never known till last week this can happen and so wanted to warn you all IT DOES? Be Aware

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