Fake Perfumes and EDT on Ebay

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Hello, all of us are aware of the probable amount of counterfeits/fakes being sold on EBay.

The initial outburst of the fragnance is almost similar to the original product and this makes us beleive that we have bought the original product for a good bargain. But the fragnance could disapper after a few minutes. They are so well made, it is very difficult to spot the fakes.

I have read a lot of guides on here, advising people against buying branded items from Asian countries and rest of Europe.

Are we aware of the fact that, a lot of traders get their products in bulk from dubious manufacturers in the same Asian countries for the fraction of cost and re-sell them here on ebay as an original, branded, UK ITEM!!  There are some genuine traders, I am not denying that.

It not necessarily matters where the item comes from, to spot a fake, you must compare it with original in a hight street shop like Boots or PERFUME SHOP etc. You should look for

  • Quality of the packing material
  • Prints and Engravings quality and shape and sizes, pay attention to the trademark logos
  • Test the product with a genuine tester and compare to the one you bought online

How many of us bother to spot the fakes and take it up with the seller or report to EBay?

Call me paranoid or untrusting but anything that I buy from EBay, I always check with my nearest High Street retailer and compare. It does help me spot the fakes, learn about things. Counterfeits and Fakes not only cause loss to the industry but a few products could cause harm to you in form of allergy and negative effects, not to forget the funds raised for illegal activities by this way.

I have seen in the past, people selling designer and branded items for a fraction of cost. Now, if an individual is selling a one off product for a lower price, it could be a genuine unwanted item sale (that’s how EBay came into existence!!!). If a trader sells products for a fraction of cost, as less as 10% of the original costs, then you must be skeptical about the sale.

If I bought a pair of sunglasses that cost in retail £400, for £12 on eBay, I would honestly be excited, satisfied and content and not even bother to think, if I bought a fake and indirectly supporting something illegal!!

There was a powerseller couple of years ago selling RayBan in 1000's for about £8-£12. Ebay did eventually suspend his account but I am sure, people like them are back, trading in different names. If the trading standards or police were involved, it would make the difference and deter the people from commiting such crimes again.

I recently bought EDT for half the retail price on EBay. I checked with Boots and The Perfume Shop, and this turned out to be a fake. The seller, a kind gentleman, apologised for the Error and offered a full refund. He was an individual, selling an unwanted gift. He was not aware of it.

Now, in the above scenario, if it was a trader/retailer selling fake items, assuring them to be Original or BNIB or Authentic, I would have reported to EBay and the Trading Standards or any other appropriate agencies.

I urge all the ebayers to take the extra effort in confirming if the items they bought are genuine and authentic and if they prove to be otherwise take the appropriate action.

It is beyond me how EBay can put a complete stop to fakes and counterfeits being sold on here, It is only us, the buyers, the users who can help make this a safe place.

Just leaving a negative feedback is not sufficient, reporting to the appropriate authorities alone can only help reduce such sales.

Thanks for reading, I know all of you think, you are read nothing new here, my question only being, how many of us, really take action on such things?

And, please excuse my language and spelling mistakes, I am non-Anglophonic and my knowledge of the language is limited.

Happy Ebaying

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