Fake/Pirate Nintendo DS games

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The following has been copied from  Pocket Gamer

From the front, the pirated game cart itself (right) looks quite similar to a real import game (in this case Pokémon Ranger, left). One subtle difference is the cutoff on the bottom left hand corner of the sticker on the fake is slightly more rounded then it should be.

The differences become more obvious when you turn the cart over.
The first thing to notice is that while the fake says 'NTR-005 PAT(ent) PEND(ing),' it doesn't have an individually printed number beneath. The back of the cart is smooth, not indented like the real game, too. And finally, although impossible to see on this resolution of image, the bottom of the PCB board on the fake says 'Nintendo 001-01' instead of a more complex manufacturer code (in the case of Pokémon Ranger, it's I N-5 003-10).

The game box of the fake was also made of lower quality plastic – it felt cheap – and didn't have an official Nintendo logo embedded next to the game cart holder.

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