Fake Pokemon & Ben 10 games read before you buy PLEASE

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I have just been got by the fake brigade, It is my sons 7th birthday on Sunday and I thought I had him some lovely games as he is a huge Pokemon fan only when I had a good look at them I was totally gutted to find that 6 of the games are fake, oh and guess what the users I got them from are NO LONGER REGISTERED with Ebay (funny that). I read up on another guide to be on the look out for the numbers on the back of the DS cartridge and well the games I bought do not have these numbers they also have the scrawny little manuals that are full of irrelevant information and very badly copied. I would say to people to be careful if someone has used a stock picture only and maybe to ask questions why, all of the games I bought only had stock pictures. Be on the look out people as it seems to not only be Pokemon as I also have a fake Ben 10 DS game so I am well out of pocket. Mine all came sealed in poly film so be very wise this does not mean that they are any good. I have the Pokemon Emerald and Ruby game and they both work but they are also the same game just packaged in the two fake boxes. These people are very clever because they are thieves and they will do anything to con you out of your money. I am gutted because they are not only conning us but the children we love so much that we try and get the games for, these people have no respect for anyone so PLEASE stop and look before you buy any games for any machine don't be got like me as my sons birthday will now not be the same. Look out for packaging, pictures tend to be blurry on fakes Look out for non existent manuals that tell you nothing Look out for the coloured game boy cartridges but don't be fooled my Pokemon Sapphire came with blue cartridge but is a non working FAKE Look out for the stamped numbers on the back of DS cartridges you may need to look in the light for them they should be there as well as the PAT---- Look for 100% official Nintendo game suppliers if they are not I would not bother unless it is a genuine second hand game Look at the persons feedback first before bidding or buying As my mum would say if it looks to good to be true then it most probably is
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