Fake Sandisk Memory Cards - Good luck and don't be fool

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I wasn't preparing to write this but after being deceived for 2 times here on ebay, I thought I should do something to prevent any more buyers getting tricked.

I have won two auctions for Sandisk Extreme IV 4GB CompactFlash cards on ebay on Sunday 29 July 2007. The first winning auction costs me £33.19 and the second one costs me £32.01 - a total of £65.20 was transferred to the seller via PayPal.

On Tuesday 31 July 2007, I received one of the 2 Sandisk cards. As soon as I have unwrapped the parcel, I knew the card was not authentic. No shrink wrap, opened package and faded printing on the box. So the first thing I did was to go to the official Sandisk UK website ( http://www.sandisk.co.uk ) to compare a real Sandisk CompactFlash card with mine. I have to say you don't need a degree to spot the differences.

Anyway, the next thing I was going to do was to contact the seller to report the problems. I got a reply from the seller saying she didn't know the card was fake, she only bought them from a supplier and re-sold them on ebay. (Yeah right?!) The seller has sold hundreds of Sandisk cards on ebay and she didn't know they were fake. I wish I could believe her.

Anyway I asked her to give me a full refund then I would return the fake cards back to her. (I just can't risk losing any valuable pictures on my digital camera) And instead of faffing around, I gave her 7 hours to complete the transaction. I have warned her that if I didn't get my money back by 5.00pm on Wednesday 1 August 2007. I would report her to Ebay, PayPal and a local police station. Basically selling fake product is a fraud, it is no difference to stealing money from my wallet.

She sent me two messages asking me to return the fake cards to her first, then she would issue me a refund. Well, I don't think I am that stupid. i won't return the cards back to her before I receive the money. So after 5.00pm on Wednesday, I have still not received any money from her. I sent her my final message telling her not to bother to refund me the money, I will contact Ebay, PayPal, a local police station and Sandisk UK to get her prosecuted. I also added that I shall see her at court.

So now, I am gathering the paperwork together to get ready to prosecute this seller. And I think by now, it is time to announce who this seller is. The ebay ID/username for this seller is ukflashgirl. Yes, she has got 1200+ positive feedbacks but god know how many items she sold are ACTUALLY authentic???

Here are a couple of links to help you to identify a fake Sandisk card.


If you would like to see a picture of my fake Sandisk Extreme IV 4GB CompactFlash card, please get in touch and I will email you some pictures for your future reference.

I hope you find above information useful. Good luck and don't be fool!
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