Fake Sandisk Ultra II 4GB SD Memory Cards on Ebay

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I have unwittingly bought 2 counterfeit Sandisk Ultra II 4gb SD Memory cards from 2 Ebay vendors in the UK, they do not perform the same as an original Sandisk card, read/write speeds are significantly slower on the 4GB card, also the experience I had was when the card was half full with pictures, it would corrupt. When this happened up to half of the pictures already stored on the card would be unreadable on the either a camera or a PC and ultimately were unrecoverable. Imagine if that happened on holiday or when you were taking pictures that you'd only get one chance to take??. I then purchased original 4GB and 2GB Sandisk Ultra II SD cards and they look and feel different and their performance is in a different league altogether. This really is a case of you get what you pay for and there's a reason the fake ones are so cheap.

Front Pictures

Original Sandisk card on the left, fake on the right, differences are very obvious, real card had blue background on the top of the card, the fake has a gold background on top of the card (Gold is used on the 2GB Original Card but not the 4GB) Also major difference is the SDHC callout on the top right of the original label, only SD is called out on the fake card. Also as called out on other Ebay guides to Sandisk SD cards, there should be a notch in the bottom of the card, this is not present on the fake cards.


Rear Pictures

Original Card on the left, fake on the right, picture says it all really...... Nothing at all written on the fake card whilst the size of the card, serial number and made in china as well as an embossed Sandisk logo are on the original Sandisk card.

Right, that's it, it's up to you if you think the bargain on the right is worth it, I did too until I lost a load of great pictures (well I hoped they would be great anyway), now with an original card at least I'll be able to find out.
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