Fake Shure Wireless SLX 4 System

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Boy oh boy how i wished i did a bit more research on the Mic i always wanted before thinking i had got a good deal on Ebay.
After a winning bid of £205 plus £12 postage for a Shure SLX4 receiver and BETA 58A mic how thrilled was i when the item arrived.
I had previously used a friends one and was hooked.
Described as BNIB i opened it to reveal the Rack Kit missing. Ok i thought i would contact the seller and sort something out.
After contacting the seller twice he said his supplier had told him that they did not come with a rack kit. Still being naive at this point we arranged to split the difference if i purchased one myself. I did and the seller kept his part of the deal.
In the interim two things occurred. 1) As i read the manual it stated that all systems include the rack kit. Hmm 2) I received an email from another Ebayer who told me he had purchased the same item from the seller and theirs had been fake. They had only been able to contact me after i had left feedback. The seller had played dumb but they had managed to get their money back after a protracted affair.
This set in motion a lot of research, using my friends mic for comparison and then coming to the correct conclusion that the system i had bought was indeed a fake.
From this point dialogue commenced between the seller and i on how the situation was going to be resolved. Needless to say they ceased contact after awhile and i had to pursue (and i don't say this lightly) the arduous task via Ebay for a resolution.
Initially they found in the sellers favour but finally resolved favourably towards me.

Before you check out the pictures i have added these are the things you should consider.
1) Do not post feedback until you are happy that your system is genuine. This was initially a failing on my part in regards to my claim for a refund.
2) Ask for photos of the actual item for sale. A genuine seller within reason will have no qualms sending you pictures that you ask for. I have done this on two occasions and am the proud owner of a genuine Shure wireless SM86. The second occasion the seller did not reply to my request and i did not bid.
3) If there are pictures compare them against the Shure website pictures. This will give you even a better idea of what is fake or not.
4) If you do buy and the item turns out to be fake and you eventually have to resort to Ebay for a resolution. If it's not genuine then it's not as described and the seller is misleading you. Use the item. See how it handles / sounds. Take it to a local retailer to see if you can make a visual comparison. Do a bit of research.
5) The noise handling of a wireless mic when you hold it is crucial and Shure excel at getting this right. A fake one sounds horrendous not taking into account the acoustic difference.

The fakes are getting better and better and at some point they may even rival the originals. But like my mate said "If you buy a £1.00 burger and it tastes like horse S**T it probably is"

Not Shure if Ebay will allow me to keep that last comment in but you get my drift.
I hope i have gone some way to helping anyone else out who may find themselves in a similar predicament and if not have found this short review to be worthwhile.

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