Fake Starwalker Mont Blanc Pen

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I purchased a Mont Blanc Starwalker Pen for £100.00 off an ebayer who had been on the site since 06 and had 100% postive feedback.  After waiting ages for the pen to arrive I noticed that the finish of the pen was quite dull is the only way to describe it.  I compared it to another Starwalker pen in Kendals and it did not look the same.  I took my pen to Harvey Nichols a registered Mont Blanc dealer to to verify that it was in fact genuine as the ebayer had stated and was not really surprised to find out that it was a fake.  The dealer said it was a very good fake but a fake none the less.  He said that all Mont Blanc pens serial numbers start with a certain 2 letters (unfortunately I cannot remember which two letters he said) and because my pen started with a different two letters that is how he was 100% certain it was a fake, also he told me that his friend had just come back from Thailand and brought the exact same pen for £2.00.  I sent my pen back to the ebayer after emailing him and telling him it was a fake and unsurprisingly he deactivated his account.  Fortunately because I had paid by Paypal I got a full refund from them.  So BEFORE buying a Mont Blanc Pen off the internet ask the seller what letters the serial number starts with then go to a registered Mont Blanc dealer and ask them what do Mont Blanc pen serial numbers start with and if it is not the same as what the seller has told you then it is a fake pen.  Also if someone is selling a Mont Blanc Pen and you check their feedback and notice that they have in fact sold alot of Mont Blanc Pens, you need to ask yourself unless they are a pen shop how they have managed to obtain all these expensive Mont Blanc Pens to be able to sell them!  My personal opinion is that I would just pay the extra £100.00 and buy a genuine one from a registered dealer, its just not worth the hassle. 
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