Fake Titleist Pro V1 Balls

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As a seller of authentic products I always look for value on Ebay and sometimes purchase items if I can get them at the right price.

Today I received delivery of 4 dozen FAKE Titleist Pro V1 Golf balls. This is my first encounter of this and want to point out the differences that were pretty obvious to me to say the least.

The packaging was not the correct colours with the Bronze colour of genuine packaging being replaced with a shiny light gold colour. The packaging was also very lightweight whereas the genuine is of high quality heavy weight card. The packaging all looks a bit bashed and bruised as if to try and tone it down.

The balls themselves were obvious fakes and the following list will make it easy for anyone to spot even if they are a non-golfer buying as a gift.

1. Genuine 2007/2008 balls have no join line - the fakes had and looked like two half balls stuck together. 2006 Genuine balls have an equator line but if any Pro V1 looks as if it is joined together it is fake. 

2. The dimples on genuine balls are all of similar size - the fake balls had dimples of varying sizes.

3. Genuine balls have a soft white cover - the fakes are made of a hard, bright white shiny plastic that side by side with a genuine ball is glaringly obvious. 

4. Go to titleist.co.uk and have a look, there are some great closeups of the genuine articles.

5. The printing on the balls is of a smaller size than the genuine balls and again when compared to an original is totally inferior.

6. Genuine Titleist Balls cannot be sold for a ridiculously cheap price unless they are stolen or fakes. They are sold, however, at not much above cost as it is a product that golfers probably spend more money on in their lifetime than clubs especially at the premier end of the ball market. I for one use at least 2 balls each round and play 4-5 times a week so it soon mounts up. By offering the best value & service possible customers will always come back to reputable sellers and in turn this allows them to keep offering good value.

Like most things in life if something is to good to be true then it's probably a fake. I was only caught out because the balls were being sold at a very similar price to wholesale and that was the only reason I wasn't suspicious. I was fortunate that the sale is PayPal protected and a refund is being given.

There is always good ebayers selling Genuine Titleist Balls at very good value. Check out their feedback, ask them questions and if in doubt ask them what guarantee of autheticity they offer. If they don't offer any guarantee and there is no PayPal protection my advice is simple - walk away.

I hope this has been useful.



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