Fake USB Pen Drives (any capacity)

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FOR FULL DETAILED PICTURES GO TO: www.fakeusbdrives.com.sapo.pt ALSO, if you need help, you can mail me at fakeusbdrives @ gmail . com

99,9% of this products:



You can check on Windows something like this:

But the real size is:

They're FAKE

I’ll tell you my story…


You sold this to me as a "8GB USB 2.0 FLASH STICK PEN DRIVE SAMSUNG MEMORY 8 GB" and "...Our Brand New Flash Drives consists superior Samsung memory for fastest data transfer rates accounting for over 50% of the market's flash memory..."


1 - This is not a 8Gb Pen disk! It's a 2Gb Hacked pen drive

1.1 - I can prove this easily - Windows

1.1.1 - This pen drive has not 8gb! When I received and copied some files:

1.1.2 - As I said, It corrupted my documents! So I formated (search for Iformat or HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool) the pen drive... and then:


As you can see, this is the REAL capacity of this disk.


1.2 - Other proof - The ship is not Samsung (most of cases)

1.2.1 - You are selling this as Samsung memories... just look at this:


This chip tells you that you pen drive can be bigger than 2GB (thanks to the sir that kindly emailed)! It's a Icreate chip, model: i5128-L, Max capacity: 2Gb!

Don't believe? Check the OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.icreate.com.tw/e/icreate_e.htm


By the way this pen drive stop working after 5/10 minutes of testing!

Usefull links:


etc... Just search on the internet for "fake 8gb pen drives ebay"

By the way, how do they do this? With tools like this! If you want you can put 234782347283Gb! But you can't store 23742734782342Gb on a 2Gb ship! (Obvious)

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