Fake Windows XP Security Centre.

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I logged on yesterday to start work and a message appeared in my system tray that my computer had been infected and I should install the XP Anti-spyware to scan and clean my computer. The XP shield loaded automatically and this is where my problems began. This appeared:-

Then I noticed that my firewall had been disabled. The system informed me that it might crash at anytime and then proceeded to shut down and then re-booton several occasions. It would not allow me work unless I paid $49.95 to install the pack on offer. Needless to say I was well and truly stuck.

Two Companies I found can help FREE of charge.

So what is this? Softpedia say:- Back in the past, we saw a huge number of rogue anti-spyware technology which did nothing other than misinform users and trick them into buying unneeded security solutions. Today, a similar scam has been reported by security company Panda Software Ltd but, in comparison with the previous attacks, this one relies on a Windows function that is closely related to security. The Adware/XP-Shield poses as a Windows security centre which informs about the status of the security applications on the Windows workstations.

However,  this piece of malware misinforms users that thier computers are infected and, just like many other rogue anti-spyware products, it asks them to buy the product. Only that buying the product does nothing to the computer because all the attackers want is to actually steal your money. It is relatively safe to add, once you have brought the product they have your credit card number.

Once installed on the computer, the malware displays pop-up windows often notifying users about the existence of an infection. If the user choses to go "unprotected", the application stays in the background and minimises the window to the System Tray.

In my case every time I tried to log on anywhere, the screen would tell me not to because of the infection. This malware attaches itself to your Firewall and all other security applications on your computer. It will not allow you to run a virus check even with Windows Live Security Centre. It will not allow you to delete it or alter it in any way. In the end I fooled it by way of a loophole that they have not thought of (purely accidental) but I dare not publish it here. No doubt they will read this because I have contacted the FBI to have them tracked down. After all I need to present them with my fees for loss of earnings and for cleaning up the mess which I charge  £100 ($198.30) per hour or part thereof.

What these crooks don't realise is they have picked on the wrong guy here. I spent 20 years in the security services and don't give up easily. I will do my utmost to track them down and I have made a good start. They call themselves Wintec Protection Limited and XP Security Centre.

Now to clean up your computer. Log on if you can and type in PC Tools. They have a fantastic new programme (not even patented yet) called Threatfire. They will let you install free of charge but I do recommend you have the upgrade because the cost is small for peace of mind. This programme blasts them and anything else nasty off your computer.

Thanks for reading and I hope this has enlightened you.

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