Fake Yes C Groove putter

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I write this as a warning to all honest golfing folk such as myself.  I bought a Yes C groove putter on Ebay from a chap with decent feedback.  The club was £70 new, which is cheap,( I have now paid £80 for a real one ) but not stupidly so.  It arrived, looked fantastic and I thought played well.  After 3 weeks the head became loose and rather than go through the hastle of returning it, I had my club pro fix it.  He told me that the hole in the head that the shatf goes in to was way too big, so big in fact that he ahd to wrap string around the shaft to fill the gap!

At this point I suspected I had been duped, but when we compaired my club with an identical model brought from a reputable local shop, not even my club pro could see the difference.

His repair ( as he thought ) lasted only 3 rounds and in fact came loose during a singles match, which I lost. Great.

I contacted Yes in the UK and they asked to see the club and of course pronounced it fake.

I contacted the seller who gave me a story but did refund my money, however if you take into account the charges through Paypal for me recieving the refund and my postage to Yes, I lost about £9.  I guess it could have been worse.

My problem now is, this thing looked perfect.  Had it been on a shelf in a branded golf shop nobody would have known the difference,but then again, I suppose thats the point, you wouldn't get a fake from a good shop.

I use Ebay a lot, but my advice on expensive golf clubs, buy them from a shop where you can take them back. 

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