Fake Zippo's

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Well buying on ebay you only have photos and feedback to guide you.  You cant hold the ZIPPO in your hand and feel the weight or snap the lid open to hear that oh so familiar KLINK.
First thing to say is NEVER buy a ZIPPO without getting a look at a good close up photograph of the bottom of the lighter.  This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to determine if you are buying a genuine ZIPPO product.
The ZIPPO name, the year of manufacture and BRADFORD, PA. are stamped on the bottom of every ZIPPO lighter produced since the 1930s (as shown in the picture below).  Some will also have PAT.PENDING or a PAT. number stamped on the bottom.  The hardest thing for the counterfeiters to get right is the registered trademark symbol (the small R in a circle), on genuine ZIPPOs the R is very well defined and very small.

Some of the lighters being sold on ebay have the ZIPPO name etc. engraved on the bottom of the lighter (as shown in the pictures below).  ZIPPO have never engraved the bottom of their lighters.  Just look at how bad these are!!!

There are some other fake ZIPPOs out there that have been stamped but not very well (as shown in the pictures below).  Look at the difference in the quality of the stamp on these lighters.  They are very poor quality, not very well defined, the registered trademark symbol is to large and the stamp is not even.

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