Fake brioni from the Middle East! Lots on eBay!

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I do not sell Brioni menswear.  Please take 5 mins to read this.

I am from the UK and work in the Middle East, namely Saudi Arabia.  Lately, there seems to be quite a few fake Brioni garments (mostly shirts and ties) popping up in some shops that claim to sell original designer clothes at discounted prices.  Recently, I visited such a store.

Unfortunately, I bought 3 Brioni shirts that came in very professional packing (including Brioni boxes) that turned out to be fake.  One shirt even had a button missing, the pen mark to indicate where the button should go is visible!  After asking around, it seems likely that these shirts were placemade in the Middle East, probably Jordan or Lebanon (according to opinion) as these countries along with China seem to provide most knock offs for the Middle East.

Now I see that identical fake Brioni shirts and ties are popping up on eBay.  These shirts often come in beige and black boxes with red Brioni writing.  The shirts usually have a white label with a red Brioni signature stitched in the label.  Under this, you should see MADE IN ITALY.  These are fakes!  Brioni does not have this under the signature.

There is absolutely NO way I can get my money back in Saudi Arabia.  There is virtually no consumer protection and fake items are common.  For God's sake, you can even buy fake power regulators here - how dangerous is that?!  Traders openly sell fake goods as most international companies, including Brioni, have no jurisdiction here.

So, I am just putting this up because I am fed up of seeing these fakes on eBay and also poor consumers actually bidding on these fakes!

I learned the hard way that if it's too good to be true, it most likely is!!!  Naturally, I buy my stuff from proper (not discount) retailers in Saudi Arabia in the expensive malls now and also shop from one or two tried and tested retailers on eBay.

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