Fake coins of Tipu sultan and Mysore

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Over the last two or three years there has been an ever increasing number of  fake Tipu Sultan and Mysore coins showing up on ebay. I have contacted the sellers of many and advised them of there errors but Many have not even replied. I have reported items to Ebay but the same sellers keep on listing fakes. It is obvious to experienced collectors that these are not genuine and these fakes usually sell for a fraction of the correct price for a genuine coin but the fact that sell at all means someone is being conned. These fakes are made in the south of  India especially Chennai (Madras) and Indian collectors know this and avoid them. One Indian seller lists these fakes on Ebay. uk almost every week and I have seen them showing up on Ebay .com as well. Some of these fakes are obvious but some are very good and I have bought them on the strength of the photo and had to get them checked by the British Museum to be sure they were fakes. It seems Ebay does not take action to stop this so I hope this warning may help to stop some less experienced ebayers perpetuating this illegal trade.
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