Fake console listings

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It is becoming all too common on Ebay now to see listings for the latest consoles, but not all are as they appear to be.
Most are valid sellers, some others are just out to exploit the lack of awareness of Ebay users who are after a quick bargain.
One such fake auction is this :

The picture scam.

Here's an example :

I dont need to go into any great detail about this item, the picture is what you are bidding on thats it!
Free P&P

That is all the listing consists of, i see a few of these listings every day i log in, and people are bidding £200 or more.

All they will ever get is a picture of the console, either by email or posted to their home address, there is no refund policy, you bid on the item as it is stated.

Just read the item description "I don't need to go into any detail about this item"

That's because there is no item to give you.

And then they tell you what they are planning to do - "the picture is what you are bidding on, that's it!"

That's all you are bidding on, a picture.

These auctions are popping up all over the place, not just on consoles, so buyers beware, actually take the time to read the auction you are bidding on or you could end up buying pictures for hundreds of pounds.

I know this may sound stupid that someone would have to point this out, but i see so many people falling for the same tricks over and over again, Ebay is supposed to be convenient, but if you're not paying attention, that's convenience at the cost of being scammed, there are various ways of scamming people out of money for so called "products" this is just one, so just be aware.

Regards and good luck bidding.
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