Fake disney dvds on ebay with holograms

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Ok so... ive been buying dvds off ebay and it seems that fakes now come with holograms
Below is an essential list all disney dvds have to ensure there not fakes
1)"Disney dvd" inside the box on the actual box
2)the box is purple
3)the disks arnt see through
4)they have the title of the movie around the inside of teh disk on the disk not picture dide
5)the images arnt pritned onto the dvd, there on a sticker then the dvd
6)there is usually a grid on the back with language, subtitles and a hologram
7)the copyright fact logo should be on the back of the box

to make the fake imports ligal the product has to differ from that which disney produce, so there are several minor differences, there will be more that what i have listed above, but this is so far what ive noticed.
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