Fake flash memory from Hong Kong

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I just would like to share my experiences with dodgy flash memory from Hong Kong.

I have been caught out twice and now would never buy anything from Hong Kong that seems too good to be true.

Item 1
This was a MP3/MP4 player with colour LCD display, FM radio and supposedly 8GB flash memory. I bought this for approx. £23.00 which included shipping ! A bargain you might think until I actually received the product. The instructions were very poor and the menu navigation was unpredictable. The main problem was when trying to copy MP3 files to the device. Firstly, this was extremely slow (definitely not USB 2.0 speed). Secondly, when copying more than 2 albums worth, the files were getting corrupted. I eventually found out that the actual memory was a hacked 1GB device. The supplied headphones were very poor quality and the battery was such low capacity that it flattened very quickly.  Incidently, the seller's account was suspended just after I had paid for the item although I still received the item.

Item 2
This was a combined laser pointer, ordinary pen and 4GB USB flash drive. With postage this was around £14. Again, this appeared to be a bargain. When I eventually received the pen (around 2 weeks for delivery) I immediately tried writing 4GB of data. It was OK up to 2GB, after which data was corrupted. This would not have been a big problem if I could have corrected the drive so that it appeared as it's true capacity. Unfortunately, whatever I did, it always appeared as 4GB. I managed to return the item to Hong Kong (only £1.80 via airmail rather than the £5.00 charged !) and I did get a refund although the seller wouldn't refund the return shipping costs. I know, I should have involved ebay however this process is not guarenteed and is reportedly very slow. I just wanted to cut my losses and was happy that I had at least been refunded what I had paid.

I wouldn't buy memory off ebay. It just isn't worth the hassle. Even buying from UK sellers is no guarentee of quality as these could just be buying in bulk from the same dodgy Chinese suppliers. I would recommend buying a well known brand from a UK website. If you buy anything with flash memory, confirm the capacity by writing data up to the capacity then reading it back. This is the only way to confirm the capacity is as stated. Do this BEFORE leaving feedback if you buy off ebay. Most of these dodgy sellers have high feedback ratings because people leave positive feedback as soon as they receive the device before they have confirmed the capacity. 2 sites I have used for memory are : www.mobymemory.com and www.memorybits.co.uk. Both are good value and sell quality memory.


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